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Perfect Magic by Yulla Lipchitz Main Image

Perfect Magic by Yulla Lipchitz

United States
Yulla Lipchitz (Artist)

Yulla Lipchitz, (American 1911-2003) Photographer, Artist Sculptor, known as YULLA, born in Berlin in an Orthodox Jewish family, secretly took sculpture classes. With her first husband she escaped the Nazis in 1938. Around 1950 She married sculptor Jacques Lipchitz. Having devoted herself to his career, she began sculpting again after his death in 1973. Later, for health reasons she immersed herslf in photography for which she became better known during her lifetime. We have several pieces of her sculptures , cast in the same foundry as her famous husband's work. Shown are "PERFECT MAGIC"-"The year of the Ram" 1979-80 inscribed at the base of each of the sculptures, one with the creator"s name. Larger magnificent pieces are also strong and exciting. Most of her original and beautiful work in cast bronze seems to have been entirely overlooked until her death in 2003. This may be a collector's opportunity. Can be separated.

20" Height
8" Diameter